The New York Sun - "A Surprise in Steak"
By: Paul Lukas - 6/21/06

"The steak at Convivium has the complex, mineral-driven flavor characteristics of the very best beef. No clichéd grill marks, either. It's the best steak I've had this year, and that includes a recent visit to Peter Luger."

The New York Times - "Italy and Iberia, Consorting Amiably"
By: Frank Bruni - 10/6/04

"You can almost believe that you are in a rustic haunt in Rome, or for that matter in Lisbon. The Pulixis deposit you at the Strait of Giebraltar and let you decide... East or West. It turns out to be gastronomically rewarding."

The New Yorker - "Tables for Two: Convivium Osteria"
By: Andrea Thompson

"This almost too perfect evocation of a Mediterranean osteria seems straight from the pages of a romance novel - the sultry amber light, the dusty wine bottles and the guttering candles, the dully gleaming copper pots that line the walls.

Zagat Survey
NYC Restaurants 2007

"Are we really in Brooklyn?" Ask the transported fans of this very special Park Slope Mediterranean Reastaurant serving earthy, belly-warming fare in a rustic, softly lit space complete with a garden oasis."

New York Magazine - Best of New York 2001
Best Artichoke

"...traditional carciofi alla romana, strips a pair of jumbo artichokes to the succulent core, braises them until fleshily tender, and perches them in a pool of olive oil, white wine, garlic, and fresh mint that’ll have you reaching for the basket of crusty brick-oven bread again and again."